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Deep Dive acceleration program offers Russian innovators new US opportunities

16 Sep '13
Russian Venture Company (RVC), the national fund of funds for innovation, announced last week that it is ready to help Russian technology companies participate in Deep Dive Silicon Valley, a training and acceleration program slated for November 11-22, 2013 in Silicon Valley. RVC is the general partner of the program.

Deep Dive has been developed by RIS Ventures, one of the market leaders in training and high-tech business consulting, and is aimed at backing Russian technology companies and VC funds in their efforts to expand their global presence, step up business development, find international partners and/or investors, and get to know successful entrepreneurial practices.

The program will consist of lectures and practical seminars, visits to technology companies, participation in relevant events, and networking.

At Deep Dive, participants will get to know in-depth details of how to set up a rep office in the U.S. market. The program will cover cultural, legal and investment aspects, as well as peculiarities of corporate operations and strategizing.

Eligible for Deep Dive Sillicon Valley are technology companies and entrepreneurs at various stages of development. The hosts believe the program will be useful for both start-ups seeking investment and mature companies probing into international markets to launch their new products.

As the general partner of the program, RVC says it will offer consulting support and also reimburse part of the participation costs for advanced interesting projects. This year, as a separate initiative RVC wants to also cover the full cost of Deep Dive participation for two technology projects that will win Russias BIT competition of innovation ideas.

For a concise description of the program, please visit this special English-language website.
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