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Business Incubator of Kazan IT-Park takes on accelerator functions

18 Jan '13
The Business Incubator of Kazan IT-Park, in the mid-Volga area, will from now on be accepting applications for project incubation all year round, not on a quarterly basis as before, the Ministry of Computerization and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan announces citing Dinar Nasyrov, CEO, High-Tech IT-Park.

Innovators are encouraged to send their applications any time to Bi.Itpark@tatar.ru. An application must come complete with a preliminary presentation, a roadmap for 1-3-9-12 months of project development, and a business plan.

Each 45 days a first round selection meeting is envisioned for each new applicant with local experts present. This initial stage is expected to give start-ups a better understanding of what they are and can.

To some start-ups, early-stage incubation will be offered to include the packaging of viable project ideas for a next-round pitch. This will cover assistance in fine-tuning a project presentation before it goes to experts, polishing a business model, and doing more thorough research of the market a project is eyeing.

According to Mr. Nasyrov, the Business Incubator is moving to a new level, assuming the role of an accelerator for start-ups that have been properly selected, with an eye to raising further investing in a start-up after three months of being an Incubator resident.
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