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BIT Volga 2011 welcomes entrepreneurial innovators

21 Mar '11
The Higher School of Economics Nizhny Novgorod Entrepreneurship Center is announcing a regional lap of the all-Russian BIT competition for the Volga area.

BIT Volga 2011 is a challenge for teams and their business plans that are capable of turning good ideas into successful businesses. The event aims to help set up and develop innovation start-ups in the vast Volga area.

Nizhny Novgorod Innovation Business Incubator, Marchmont Capital Partners and US-Russia Center for Entrepreneurship are among BIT Volgas official partners.

The winner of BITs Volga lap will get a $3,570 first prize; the runner-up and the third winner will receive just over $1,000 and $700, respectively. The three winning teams will join other contenders at the all-Russian BIT semifinal to be held in Moscow.

The team leaders are expected to file for participation. Projects may or may not be a legal entity but must contain an original business idea based on innovative technology, have a unique title and a strong team. The core of the ideas should be starting real business and targeting actual markets rather than doing scientific research.

To participate please register at BITs official website, www.bit-konkurs.ru, and indicate BIT Volga in the registration form.

The deadline for registration for BIT Volga 2011 is April 7. The competition will have its final on April 22 in Nizhny Novgorod.

For further information please contact BIT Volga 2011 manager Dmitry Sidorov (www.facebook.com/dm.sidorov) or coordinator Yulia Basyrova (basyrovayy@mail.ru).
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