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Siberian high-tech player teams up with Singaporeís HaxAsia to launch local fund-accelerator

27 Jan '15
DI Group, a Tomsk-based high-tech group in Siberia, has launched a venture fund-accelerator targeting start-ups in the fields of smartphones, electronics, gadgets and Internet projects, East-West Digital News, the first international information company dedicated to Russian digital industries, reported last week, citing local source at

The acceleration program that lasts up to six months encompasses the industrial design and the marketing aspects of each project. The venture fund-accelerator may invest up to $120,000 in a start-up, in addition to helping teams launch crowdfunding campaigns.

The fund-accelerator enjoys the support of the RVC Seed Fund and Singaporeís hardware accelerator HaxAsia. Tomsk start-ups will thus receive the support of experts from Singapore, the U.S. and other countries.

The fund-accelerator is being managed by DI-Group President and HaxAsia co-founder Igor Kovalev.
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