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Four more innovators join Krasnoyarsk’s KRITBI incubator

6 Nov '13
The KRITBI business incubator in Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk has screened and gave residency status to four new companies with projects in lumber-related IT, electronics, and FMCG, KRITBI’s press service announced.

One of the four is the Forestry Planning and Register Agency, developing software that is said to enable users to get an automatic calculation of how much lumber is to be or has been supplied to different customers.

Another new resident, Druzhba, is working to create a network of energy-independent information boards.

Tyaga is developing equipment for athletes that is reported to combine the functionality of several different fitness devices all in one.

Akrodecor is using microspherical particles in floor surface products to reduce their heat conductance factor and improve hydro-insulation.

“KRITBI’s panel of experts, consisting both scientists and representatives of the business and financial community, has enough savvy and experience to give an assessment of not only scientific value of a project but also its market viability,” said Olga Rukhullaeva, the Minister of Investments and Innovation of the Krasnoyarsk region.

At the moment, there are 88 resident companies at KRITBI. Most are focused on mechanical engineering, IT and resource-saving technologies, while some others are working to develop solutions for the construction, biotech, radio electronics, nanotech and medical sectors.
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