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Innovative business-incubator to open in Biysk, Altay region

10 Aug '11
An innovative-type business-incubator is to open in the science town of Biysk, Altay region, tomorrow, August 11, 2011, Altay Region Official Website reports.

The official ceremony is reportedly to be attended by the Governor Aleksander Karlin.

The business-incubator is to have 18 offices, equipped with computer equipment and communication devices, as well as business lounge, conference hall and four labs for scientific research work.

Construction of the Biysk business-incubator of innovative type was carried out under the Governors project 75x75, devoted to the Anniversary of Altay region, as well as the regional small and medium entrepreneurship support and development program. A $340,000 subsidy was also allocated from the federal budget.

A total of $680,000 has been spent on equipment for for the labs in the business-incubator in various fields, including biopharmaceuticals and nanotechnologies, this year. Of this funding, $540,000 has been raised from the federal budget, and $140,000 has been put up by the regional authorities.

The first residents of the Biysk business-incubator of innovative type are to be known in the nearest future. Five science-and-production-sector startups have taken part in the tender competition, the Altay region department of development of entrepreneurship and market infrastructure said.

The Biysk business-incubator official opening ceremony is to followed by a field meeting of the Altay region Governors Public Council on Development of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship. According to the chairman of the Council Nikolay Nikolayev, the participants of the meeting are to discuss participation of entrepreneurial structures in the regional programs. Specifically, the parties are to discuss issues of public-private partnership in Governors projects 7575, 100100, education and healthcare modernization programs.
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Locations: Biysk; Altay Krai

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