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Panasonic bets on St. Pete software to run data for 100 years

7 Jun '16
Panasonic and Raidix, a St. Petersburg based IT developer, have partnered to create a unique data management and storage system to be run by Russian software. An MoU was inked earlier this month, announced Russiaís Skolkovo Foundation, also a participant in the deal.

The partners are said to be planning to develop a brand new product enabling high-capacity storage of hot data (which is used on an ongoing basis) and safe and cost-effective storage of cold data (which is not used for a certain period of time) for as long as a hundred years.

To make it happen, the companies will develop a module to integrate a Raidix software platform with Panasonicís freeze-ray optical disc based technology for cold data storage. The prospective hybrid will be using a range of cost-effective hardware solutions for various data types, which will be run by Russian software enabling smart placement of different types of data at storage levels that best suit them.

The new product is globally oriented and is believed to have solid export potential. The project is kicking off later this month, with first sales slated for Q4 2016.
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