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St. Petersburg’s Ingria joins Europe’s Top-10 list of high-tech incubators

5 Nov '15
The residentship program developed at St. Petersburg’s Ingria Business Incubator now ranks sixth in Europe, a spokesman for Ingria told Marchmont.

In their research into the world’s best entities and practices to support high-tech businesses, international analysts at UBI Global are said to have checked out a reported 400 business incubation programs in as many as 70 countries across the globe. Results were announced in late October in Turin, Italy.

According to Ingria CEO Polina Lukyanova, “the features the analysts have highlighted as advantageous for Ingria include not only the incubator’s own expert and technology capabilities but also close and lasting partnerships with top technology universities in Russia and abroad.”

Today, Ingria is one of Russia’s largest business incubators by the number of resident companies. It started out in 2009 as a pilot project at the St. Petersburg Technopark and took just two years to join Russia’s Top-5. According to Ingria, more than 300 start-ups have received professional help and advice as part of Ingria’s acceleration programs for high-tech business projects. The Ingria residents, both past and current, have raised in excess of $32.5m in investment, generating a total of $40m in revenue [calculation based on a current RUR60+/US dollar rate; it was RUR30+/US dollar between 2009 and last year—Editor’s note].
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