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Rusnano spurs nanotech-based innovation across Russia’s South

17 Aug '15
The Rusnano InfraFund, Rusnano’s investment arm for infrastructure and training programs, and the Stavropolye region in Russia’s South have agreed to jointly stimulate demand for innovation through 2018, the website of Russia’s largest nanotech company announced.

The agreement calls for the implementation of a range of measures aimed at increasing the use of innovative solutions in this Southern Russian region. For example, nanotech products are to be used in government-funded investment programs initiated in Stavropolye, such as public utilities infrastructure projects, both new ones and repairs, highway construction, real estate projects for healthcare purposes, agricultural projects, etc.

Another area of cooperation will be the widespread introduction of nanotech products to the region’s industries. According to the agreement, nanotech solutions will be prioritized for use in construction of industrial and high technology parks in Stavropolye.

In addition, the new plan calls for the promotion of innovation products originating from Stavropolye across neighboring Russian regions.
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17 Aug '15 | Finance, business | Technology & innovation
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