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October 23—Start-up Crash Test in English in Presnya

Another Start-up Crash Test will be held on October 23 at the RIW 2010 conference in Moscow. Start-ups will be probing into European opportunities in an effort to leave a dent on the memory of Western venture investors, investment bankers and business incubator managers. For the first time the event’s working language is English.

The RIW visitors will have plenty of opportunities to listen to interesting speakers, watch start-up presentations and receive feedback from experts. Being held as part of the Russian Internet Week the event has been brought to the attention of international specialists and will therefore be conducted in English.

Experts and guests will see projects that have already developed a prototype or finished product and are eyeing overseas markets. Each ‘crash test’ will be given 30 minutes, including ten minutes for a presentation and the rest for a Q&A session. Those will be predominantly the start-ups operating in the mobile sector.

The ‘crash tests’ will be part of the Window to Europe section hosted by StartupIndex. The event will kick off at 3:20 p.m. and last throughout Saturday, October 23, in the Grey Hall of the Expo-Center in Krasnaya Presnya; admission free.

Before Start-up Crash Test begins the section visitors will be able to watch a start-up competition with a ticket to Paris-based LeWeb as the main award; listen to speakers from IQ One, GreenfieldProject, Russia’s Higher School of Economics and others; and also take part in discussions about investments and deals in the Internet and New Media.
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