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Start-up For A Weekend

8 Oct '10
Source: www.nachinai.com and http://harvest.greenfield-project.ru

The Start-up For A Weekend events are designed to get new participants involved into Russia’s innovation ecosystem, help build start-up teams from among entrepreneurs, train venture businessmen in the prototyping of their endeavors, link them up with experts and business angel investors—and all this within two days.

As a result of the four sessions that have been held since January, 50-70% of the teams built there continue to develop projects; 20-35% set up and fund their own companies; and another 10-15% raise capital from angel investing. These are the start-ups that have been launched, to name but a few: AddOffer, Gulyai.ru, Pult.tel, ePythia, Raspechatat.ru, CityRadar and others.

Moscow’s Agency for Innovative Entrepreneurship Development (ARIP) pledges to support the winners and recommend them for subsidies and grants from the City of Moscow. Beginning October the winning projects will be eligible for $16,650 subsidies; the teams built during the above sessions will be able to get financial support in patents-related paperwork, prototype development, participation in international competitions and conferences, etc. More mature teams will be eligible for as much as $83,000 for expansion. All bureaucratic procedures are said to take no more than a month.

ARIP CEO Alexei Kostrov believes by supporting the Start-up For A Weekend events his organization will help active innovators and beginning entrepreneurs establish new innovation firms through fostering “the right development genetics for a good start.”

The NACHINAI (Begin) session will take place on October 9-10, followed by the Harvest session on October 16-17. Here’s the full schedule:

  • Oct. 9-10 NACHINAI (LBS) Moscow

  • Oct. 16-17 HARVEST (ANE Business incubator) Moscow

  • Oct. 23-24 NACHINAI (at Russian Internet Week) Moscow

  • Nov. 6-7 NACHINAI (at Strogino Techno-park) Moscow

  • Nov. 20-21 NACHINAI (with Google) Moscow

  • Dec. 4-5 NACHINAI + Space bridge with WebReady Moscow

  • Dec. 11-12 HARVEST Moscow

  • Dec. 18-19 NACHINAI (with Microsoft) Moscow

You’ll be able to find out more about the City of Moscow’s support of innovation companies and get answers to your specific questions on October 13, 2010 at 12:00 at www.businessinform.ru during an online press conference with Mr. Vyshegorodtsev, acting head of Moscow’s Department for SME Support and Development.

For more details regarding the events please visit www.nachinai.com and http://harvest.greenfield-project.ru .
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