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Regional state fund backs service robots developer

13 Apr '20
Promobot, Europeís largest maker of service robots based in Russia, raised $2.7m from the Far East Fund for High Technologies, a Russian regional government-owned fund in Vladivostok, the start-up portal Firrma.ru reported.

At the end of the day, the Promobot top management and the co-founders still retain the companyís controlling stake.

Promobot wants to use part of the new investment to promote its business in Russiaís Far East. The company is opening a special division in Vladivostok to focus on the development of facial elements for the Robo-C family of human-like robots. The Far East office will also do R&D in the modeling of robotsí outward appearance; for example, Promobot will continue to experiment with polymers to create as accurate a copy of the human skin as possible, including micro-wrinkles.

Promobot has swiftly responded recently to the spread of the COVID-19 virus by starting to market terminals that can remotely measure body temperature and robots for contactless diagnostics of a personís health, Far East Fund for High Technologies CEO Ruslan Sarkisov said in a comment to the investment deal.

The high-tech company sells 65% of its solutions abroad.
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