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Rusnano to launch Tech Commercialization Center in Far East

29 May '15
The Rusnano InfraFund has unveiled plans to set up a Tech Transfer and Commercialization Center in Russia’s Far East, the website of the nanotech company announced.

To achieve the goal, the government-owned firm has established partnerships with the Far East federal University (FEFU), the regional office of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and other scientific and educational institutions in the Far East.

The new Center is expected to focus primarily on the creation of start-ups that will bring to market projects and technologies developed by FEFU researchers and academic teams. In addition, the Tech Transfer and Commercialization Center will act as a consultancy for high-tech companies striving for success and more efficient marketing.

Set up in 2010, the Rusnano InfraFund aims to support innovation infrastructure in the field of nanotechnology, including the programs the state-owned company launched before 2010 in the education and infrastructure areas.
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