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A Khabarovsk border island seeks investors

17 May '10
Khabarovsk regional authorities seek investors in construction projects on the Great Ussuriysky Island on the Amur River outside Khabarovsk, officials said.

On the Russian part of the island, half of which was transferred to China in 2008, a large border checkpoint and a tourist recreation area are reportedly planned.

Before the two projects kick off, a bridge must be built, the source said, to connect mainland Russia and the island. Under plans, construction of the bridge is to begin next year and be completed in 2013.

The bridge and the checkpoint will be reportedly financed from government coffers, while for the tourist area private business is expected. The search for investors has been reportedly futile so far; they refuse to commit before the bridge is built.

The costs of the bridge and the tourist area have yet to be specified; it is known, however, that the border checkpoint is likely to cost about $60m. The projected throughput capacity of the checkpoint is a reported 250 trucks, 50 buses and 1,500 passengers a day.

The source also said China had plans to build a $44m bridge from its territory to the island.
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