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Superfast EV charging solution receives investment and seeks European recognition

15 Sep '21
L-Charge, a Russian start-up developing a superfast EV charging stations service, has raised its first $1.5m investment from friends currently running a domestic vegetables producer called Veggies Valley, the Russian business daily Vedomosri reported.

Set up in 2020, this past summer L-Charge showcased its new liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueled mini power station for superfast electric vehicle charging. At the core of the innovation is the use of electric current from both the alternator and the battery, thus taking just eight minutes to fully charge an EV for a 100km drive. Such a movable power station is on call through a bot in a messenger; at this stage, the company is also developing a special mobile app.

The movable system was tested in August in Moscow; by October, L-Charge has plans to launch a permanent complex there. For 2022, a European expansion is on the table, starting from ten movable and permanent stations and growing over the next ten years to 20,000 ones across the continent.
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