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WeWork launches Russia program for start-ups

21 Nov '19
WeWork, the world’s largest co-working network, is launching a Russian division of its global WeWork Labs start-up development program, Firrma.ru reported.

According to a spokesperson for WeWork, a future acceleration program may bring together as many as 40 Russian start-up companies.

“In our labs in Israel and the UK, start-ups line up for our acceleration programs, and we hope such a program in Russia will match those in success. Labs is a winning business project for us because companies grow with our help and remain our residents when they stop being a tiny team of three people and become a real company with offices in several countries,” said Mikhail Konoplev who runs WeWork Central and Eastern Europe.

The WeWork Labs program was launched in 2018. More than 1,800 start-ups have taken part since then in its 86 Labs divisions in 19 countries, and raised a total of $120+m in investment.
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