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Sberbank tests biometry-based purchases for its customers

5 Dec '19
Sberbank, Russias largest government-owned savings bank, is testing its own fingerprint / face recognition based project to enable customers to shop using biometry.

The service is made available to Sberbank card holders who have submitted to the bank their biometric data.

To start paying by biometry, one first has to register, for which special bioterminals are expected to appear in stores.

A client will be asked to insert his card into a terminal and register a password to confirm transactions with; then a fingerprint or face image will have to be scanned.

The procedure will make it possible for the user to pay with both his card and biometric identification. Only one card can be tied to a biometric sample.

However, biometry wont help if a customer wants to return an item; to do so, he will have to use his banking card.
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