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Conference 'Sales 2019' (Moscow, September 11-13, 2019)

8 Aug '19
The master class '12 harmful psychological attitudes that prevent you from selling more' will be held by the clientbridge founder Mikhail Grafsky at the All-Russian sales conference 2019, which will be held in Moscow on September 11-13.

In the master class program:
1. Why should the leader monitor the psychological attitudes and beliefs of his employees?
2. Productive and unproductive installations - how they affect sales.
3. Psychological attitudes, which its time to get rid of sales managers and start earning more.
4. What to do to get rid of bad beliefs in the sales department?

About speaker: Mikhail Grafsky
Expert No. 1 in the development of the Corporate Sales Book. Included in the top business trainers of Russia. Customers: Mastercard, Alfa-Bank, Promstroykontrakt, LeroyMerlen, OLDOS, NovaMedika, TK9, Regus, GetTransfer.com, Leitz GMBH, Invest-Stanko, SASCO-Navigator, Hydraulic group, KSK groups, ZODCHIY.RU, Alliance-Trucks, Konfael and etc.

The Sales conference is held annually and gathers owners and general directors, commercial directors and heads of sales departments of companies operating in the B2B sector from all over Russia and the CIS countries. Three days. Practical reports from leading experts in the field of sales management, such as Timur Aslanov, Anna Bocharova, Vlad Zavadsky, Elena Zhdanova, Inga Orlova, Albert Tyutin, Vladimir Kozlov and others. Analysis of fresh cases. Applied materials and step-by-step techniques.

And a very important part of the conference: networking session is a special event, the purpose of which is to familiarize all participants with each other using special technology. You will not only gain new knowledge, but also new partners, new connections and new friends.

Venue: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Address: 125993, Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, 55 (metro Airport).

Go to the website: https://clck.ru/GkUhL and register for the conference. For early bookings - very nice discounts!
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