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Private companies seek role in approving “sandbox” technologies

27 Feb '19
Leading Russian companies in the digital and telecom sectors, including Mail.ru Group, Rostelecom and MTS, recently proposed changes to the Economic Development Ministry’s draft bill that would regulate the development of advanced technologies that are currently outside the purview of Russian law, the U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC) reported, citing RBC, a Russian business daily.

The companies proposed adding a provision to the draft that would allow private sector participation in selecting projects to be developed in “sandbox” mode outside the existing regulatory framework. The special regime would apply to certain projects related to big data, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

The companies proposed authorizing business associations in relevant sectors rather than government agencies to select proposals for subsequent approval by the government. They argued that private sector expertise would be essential for ensuring an efficient and expedited selection process.

However, the Ministry of Economic Development is concerned that allowing private business to influence the decision-making could lead to a conflict of interest.
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