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Russian start-up technologies to probe U.S. market

19 Mar '19
A Russo-American accelerator called Starta Accelerator, which is part of the Starta Ventures group, has been mentoring 20 Russian and international technology start-ups as they participate in a three-month acceleration program in New York.

Startas seventh round of enrolment brought together marketplaces, e-commerce players, real estate technology start-ups, fintech developers, retail companies and CBD product makers that use a broad range of technologies, including augmented reality (AR), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and others.

The start-ups will have their business models and products validated in the U.S. market, choose optimization strategies for their marketing and sales plans, adapt to new culture, and receive training and master-classes conducted by mentors from a number of largest U.S. companies, such as Google, Microsoft and others. Each team is eligible for $130,000 in investment.
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