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Government investors interested in cloud video surveillance

3 Oct '18
Ivideon, a company that has developed a platform solution for cloud video surveillance and analytics, has raised $8m in its new round of funding, Firrma reported.

The investor consortium for the deal brought together a number of large Russian players, including institutional ones. These were Rusnano Sistema SICAR, a venture fund set up jointly by AFK Sistema, a sizable Russian private corporation, and Rusnano, the national nanotech giant; and Skolkovo Ventures, an industrial fund co-financed by RVC (Russian Venture Company), the government-owned fund of funds for innovation. Skolkovo Ventures also acted as an investment consultant in the deal.

The Ivideon solution enables users to not only record and save video but also analyze it, helping increase the efficiency of business processes, marketing and sales, as well as the level of security, transparency and corporate competitiveness. Among other things, the Ivideon product can recognize faces in order to, for example, identify unwelcome/objectionable visitors and signal too long a queue in a store.