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Speech recognition and machine-human interaction in focus

22 Nov '18
Promobot, a Russian service robots developer, is working on various robotic applications, including speech recognition and machine-human interaction in the user’s native language.

The Russian company has 20 different countries to sell its products to. Customers are diverse; Promobot’s case studies over the past years included, among others, Intellitronix (a U.S. company), the Museum of Contemporary History in Moscow, the national postal system in Kazakhstan, a Russian shopping mall chain called Lenta, the Moscow Subway, and Astana Expo (Central Asia’s largest exhibition center based in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan).

Earlier this year VEB Innovations, a subsidiary of Russia’s VEB Bank (one of this country’s largest government-owned banks), invested $7+m in Promobot. The company has used the funds to upgrade its product line, step up production, and scale up its business.