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Pre-ICO brings medical project $2.5m within single day

30 Oct '17
Robomed, a blockchain project that offers a “smart contract” to bring together medical service providers and patients, took just 24 hours to raise $2.5m in a closed token pre-sale, reported Firrma.ru, citing Robomed CEO Filipp Mironovich. One of the key investors in the start-up, who weighed in with a $100,000 investment, was Yuri Krestinsky, the director of the Center for Economics and Management in Health Care at the Skolkovo Business School and the owner of Bionica, a group of Russian companies.

According to Mr. Mironovich, the company’s open pre-sale stage began on October 25 and is scheduled to end on November 15, 2017 to be followed by an ICO (initial coin offering) per se which is to last through December 15, 2017. A total of 1.675 billion RBM tokens have reportedly been issued, worth 0.000448 ETH, or an estimated 10 US cents, each for both the pre-ICO and ICO stages. The Russian start-up is hoping to raise at least $15m, with its investment goal topping out at $100m.

The company’s Robomed Network project is designed to generate a system enabling the signing and ongoing support of “smart contracts” between medical clinics and patients. A “smart contract” is a protocol developed to verify contracts and/or ensure compliance with contract provisions. The Robomed system is said to be able to log patients’ data electronically and make it possible for the parties to monitor changes.
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