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Russian blockchain platform succeeds in pre-ICO, ICO to start soon

5 Sep '17
Blackmoon Crypto, a blockchain platform developed by Russian technology entrepreneurs, raised more than $10m in just one month during a pre-ICO fundraising campaign, Firrma reported, citing information from the project owner.

The platform is owned by Blackmoon Financial Group, a fintech and alternative investment management company set up by Oleg Seidak who once co-founded VC fund Flint Capital, and Ilya Perekopsky, the former vice president at Vkontakte, Russias most populous social network.

According to the source, one BMC token went at a price of $1. At the start of the companys ICO on September 12, the price will not change within the first 48 hours; between day three and day seven it will be $1.05, increasing later to $1.10 per token. Blackmoon Financial Group is expecting to raise a total of $30m.

The source quoted Blackmoon Crypto CEO Oleg Seidak as saying that the first Blackmoon Crypto based fund is slated for launch by 2Q 2018.

A number of quite notable Russian market players are said to have invested in the Blackmoon Crypto project, such as Oskar Hartmann who founded KupiVip.ru and Carprice.ru, or Sasha Ivanov, the founder of the Waves platform.

Blackmoon Crypto is a platform to tokenize investment funds. It provides technology, legal and managerial solutions for those willing to set up and manage blockchain tech based investment funds.
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