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Sberbank seeks new in-memory tech solutions, launches competition

1 Sep '17
Sberbank, Russias largest national savings bank, has announced a competition for Russian-based IT developers to create new prototype solutions enabling the provision of financial services in real time.

The bank is leaving it to competition participants to pick areas of solutions applications. The only strict requirement is for developers to tap into in-memory technology (in-memory data grid or in-memory computing).

Coming up with Internet of Things (IoT) and/or artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions will be a plus, Sberbank pointed out.

A team to offer the best solution will receive $6,650 in prize money, the bank promised.

In-memory tech has evolved from just a trend du jour into an industrial standard for solving problems that require a top level of productivity. The international majors tap into these very actively, and Sberbank is paying special attention to promoting in-memory competencies across the country, said Mikhail Khasin who manages Sberbanks technology department.

The bank announced the following key criteria it will use to pick the winner: innovativeness and applicability of an idea, use of IMDG/IMC technology, availability of an operational prototype, and scalability.

To develop a prototype each competition participant will be given access to a public cloud with pre-uploaded infrastructure.

By September 29, 2017 contenders are expected to pitch their ideas and present prototypes.
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