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Cryptocurrencies and telemedicine may get tangible support in Russia

30 Aug '17
A national association to support blockchain tech / cryptocurrency and a new fund to back telemedicine may soon open in Russia, Firrma.ru reported, citing German Klimenko, President Putin’s aide on Internet issues and the chairman of Russia’s Institute for Internet Development (IID).

The stakeholders are expected to start putting the new association together next month already, according to the source. The association will reportedly consist of three committees to focus on blockchain, ICO (initial coin offering) and mining, respectively.

The association is expected to undertake to promote and help apply technologies developed by its members in federal agencies and across Russia’s regions; put together an agenda for an ongoing dialog with national regulators regarding the legitimization of cryptocurrencies and the introduction of blockchain tech in government-owned and commercially driven entities; and discuss legislative initiatives aimed at controlling blockchain in Russia.

IID also has plans to set up a fund to support telemedicine projects; registration procedures are said to already be underway. Long-term plans for the new fund may include its own ICO.
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