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Russian top model invests in women’s health service

15 Aug '17
Flint Capital, an international venture fund of Russian origin, and Russian model and women’s rights activist Natalia Vodianova have invested $5m in online women’s health tracker Flo, Venturebeat reported.

The founder of Flo, a two-year-old start-up originally from the former Soviet Union and now operating in the U.S., is Yuri Gurski, a Belarusian entrepreneur and mentor who has also funded start-ups like MSQRD, a service for photo and video selfies, and Prisma, an app enabling users to artistically embellish photos.

In December 2016, Flint Capital already supported Flo by joining forces with Mr. Gurski’s Haxus Venture Fund in a $1m deal. This time, Flint has anted up $3m. How much the angel investors have invested, including Ms. Vodianova, has yet to be announced.

With the new money Flo is hoping to solidify its presence in the U.S. market. Ms. Vodyanova, an internationally renowned model from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, is now board member at Flo and has plans to help the young company put together a sweeping campaign aimed at expanding women’s rights and opportunities. What makes Flo a service of choice for many women, Ms. Vodianova believes, is that it enables women to not only track its female health but also anonymously discuss their problems.

The app employs neural networks to analyze and predict menstrual cycles and keep track of pregnancy. Other functions include tracking users’ sexual activity, sports, water intake, vaginal discharge, contraception, moods, pains, and much more, the Flo founder claims.

“The use of machine learning increased predictions accuracy by 54.2%, with the prediction error reduced from 5.6 to 2.6 days,” Mr. Gurski said. Today, Flo claims to have 10 million monthly active users and counts approximately 100,000 women getting pregnant each month using the app.
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