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Skolkovo lends regions hand in tech entrepreneurship development

19 Apr '17
The Skolkovo Foundation, which is completing the construction of an international tech hub on the outskirts of Moscow, will spend the next few years focusing on the development of tech entrepreneurship in the regions, East-West Digital News reported, citing Igor Drozdov, the chairman of the Foundation board.

He reportedly suggested earlier this month that a franchise model be rolled out across regions where Skolkovo start-ups are already concentrated.

These start-ups could thus benefit from the same level of support, tax incentives, grants and other services as those currently offered by Skolkovo in Moscow. About half of the Foundations 1,642 start-ups are based outside of the Moscow region.

The idea is not to force them to move to Moscow to be part of the Skolkovo ecosystem, but for them to remain in the regions and continue their work while enjoying the advantages offered by Skolkovo, Mr. Drozdov said.

He noted that the Foundations Far East office, opened in 2015, has been very successful, and has already attracted more than 30 high tech start-ups.
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