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AstraZeneca interested in Russian molecules for oncology

1 Feb '17
AstraZeneca, a British-Swedish biopharmaceutical multinational, is interested in new molecules by Russian developers and considering investing more than $16m in an effort to localize production in the Russian Federation, the Skolkovo Foundation website announced, citing a recent statement by AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot.

The top executive was reported not to rule out the possibility to set up joint ventures with some of the Skolkovo Foundations resident companies developing innovative test systems for diagnostics in oncology, such as Testgen and Nomotech.

According to Mr. Soriot, his team met representatives of three companies in Skolkovo, Russias largest innovation hub under construction just outside Moscow. With enough information about the novel molecules for cancer treatment under their belts the AstraZeneca executives are now all set to assess the potential the molecules have. Its premature to talk in detail about any possible form of partnership, Mr. Soriot underscored, adding though that it could be a JV or other form. Jointly licensing those products for other global markets could be another option for collaboration, the AstraZeneca CEO said.
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