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Private investor and Russias Skolkovo back additive tech

7 Nov '16
Anizoprint, a young Russian company, has raised $266,000 in private funds from HK4, a domestic corporate investor, for the development of advanced additive technologies, the Skolkovo Foundation announced. The Anizoprint founders all come from the Skolkovo Technopark project.

Its the start-ups first round of funding. Over the next month the partners expect to close their investment deal, thus making Anizoprint eligible for a $230,000+ government grant from the Skolkovo Foundation on top of that.

According to Anizoprint CEO Fyodor Antonov, his company will funnel the investment and the grant into the fine-tuning and commercialization of a line of household printers that would print out composite-based products. We expect to take two years to tweak the product, bring it to market, and break even, the CEO said.

Last year Anizoprint showcased a prototype solution based on additive printing robotic technology; it had been developed to order from the University of South Carolina, U.S.

For HK4, the Russian private investor in Anizoprint, its not the first time it partners with a fledgling, yet promising company; its its policy to scout for what they believe are the best Russian industrial start-ups, using an array of competitions, and invest in those.
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