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Moscow investors buy into rollers that really last

20 Sep '16
The Moscow Seed Fund teamed up with Oleg Evseenkov, a Russian private investor, to back the Rollcon, an innovative project developing advanced solutions for modern conveyor belts, Russias RVC announced. GSP, the Russian developer behind the effort, has received just under $108K in investment.

The company has come up with a new type of repairable roller with a modified ball bearing system and replaceable plain and roller bearings. The entire product is made of modified thermoplastic polymers, which is expected to increase the service life of all components dramatically compared to the existing international competition.

All the components in the Rollcon roller system are interchangeable to suit a variety of diameters and lengths of items to transport, which should reduce warehousing costs and help change conveyor rollers fast without buying an entire unit anew.

In its production and marketing strategy GSP is reported to bet on inexpensive outsourcing systems to interact between suppliers and distributors. The company is also strategizing for fast international expansion and a rapid growth of value.
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