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Business leaders Investment Forum in Tomsk

27 Nov '09
On November 25-26, 2009 Business Leaders Investment Forum “Capitalizing on Entrepreneurial Innovation”, one of the key regional events in the series of forums this year, was held in Tomsk. The initiator of the event is investment and consulting company Marchmont Capital Partners (Nizhny Novgorod) with the support of the local organizer, FiBr Group. The Forum was officially supported by the Administration of Tomsk region, Russian Venture Company and Microsoft.

The event started with a plenary session where Alexey Baryshev, Deputy Governor of Tomsk region, Head of Tomsk Region Investment Department; Nikolay Badulin, Founder and General Director, FiBr Group, Tomsk and Kendrick White, General Director, Marchmont Capital Partners, Nizhny Novgorod assessed the current condition of the regional economy.

The plenary session was followed by a series of round table and master classes covering “Innovations as factor of stimulating Russia's economy in the 21st century”, “Formation of long-term commercialization strategy”, “Investment project assessment by member of a business angels club”. The participants of the last discussion saw the meeting of a Russian business angels club on assessment and discussion of project.

The special guest of the forum, Patrick Fullick, founder and president of Science:connections (London), presented master class “From Laggard to Leader – how the UK transformed itself into an Innovation Economy”. He spoke about the UK's transition to the innovation economy where he tackles questions of the English vision of entrepreneurship, ways of re-shaping the culture so that it meets the needs of the 21st century and presented innovation development case-studies of Russian and British projects.

The speech by Evgeny Savin, Director General of UNOVA.RU, aroused interest among the forum participants. Mr Savin spoke about reasons why startup did not require large investment, how to make investment decisions at the seed stage as well as experience of real companies at different development stages.

On the second day of the forum, devoted to business development under crisis conditions and discussion of optimum enterprise value, the following renowned Russian experts presented their ideas: Oleg Elshin, Executive Director, East Kommerts; Kendrick White, General Director, Marchmont Capital and Oleg Mosyazh, MBS Marketing Team Lead, Microsoft, Moscow.

Companies' case-studies reasonably aroused interest in the audience. Among the examples of building development strategies were stories provided by Andrey Posdnyakov, Chairman, Elecard Devices, Tomsk; Evgeny Savin, Director General, UNOVA.RU; Alexander Kostrikin, President, Electropulse, Tomsk; Viktor Philippov, Director of Venture Financing, Alor Invest, Moscow; Michael Denisov, Marketing and Promotion Specialist, Nizhny Novgorod.

The second part of the day covered the issues of where and how to raise cash fopr business development as well as alternative sources of raising investments with participation of representatives of investment funds, Association of Business Angels Start Invest and many other experts.

The evening buffet and experts' informal socializing concluded the event. The number of people attended the forum amounted to over 100 people, among who were directors and top managers of companies in Tomsk, Tomsk region, Moscow, spokesmen for universities and science organisations, experts of large international companies as well as business angels, entrepreneurs investing in the science and technology business.

Russian Venture Company (Moscow) acted as the general directors of teh forum, the official sponsor was MICROSOFT and the general information partner was Moscow non-profit organization Financial Communications and Investor Relations Association (ARFI).
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