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New Russian bioconservative will keep feed useful

9 Jul '20
Startup of the Mordovian Nanocenter Bioconservation announced the launch of a new Silacol product for agricultural enterprises - a biological preservative used in the preparation of plant feed.

The preparation is a universal microbiological complex for high-quality silage and silage fodder crops. This product consists of a composition of three highly effective strains of homoenzymatic lactic acid bacteria in the required concentration. The uniqueness of the preservative lies in the fact that in addition to the bacteria included in the preparation, it also has a multienzyme complex of hydrolytic and lyase highly active enzymes.

As a result of testing, the drug Silacol proved the ability to effectively preserve easily and difficult-to-sustain crops, while maintaining their high quality. The best digestibility and assimilation of nutrients contained in feeds is noted, which contributes to an increase in animal productivity and an increase in the profitability of meat and dairy production.
Lactobacillus plantarum lactic acid bacteria strains efficiently and quickly convert plant sugars to organic acids. Due to the fact that carbohydrates, as a result of the vital activity of bacteria, are quickly converted to lactic acid, the fungal microflora is deprived of food sources, and a low pH value (4.0 or lower) blocks the development of meat-and-acid bacteria. The composition of the enzymes of the drug is selected taking into account the characteristics of the carbohydrate composition of perennial leguminous herbs and provides effective conservation of feed and the safety of its nutrients. The use of the bio-preservative Silacol contributes to the regulation of fermentation processes in silage and silage, prevents butyric acid fermentation, rotting, acidification of silage, creates additional fungistatic protection and thereby increases the safety and energy value of silage feed, said Denis Kiselev, CEO of the development company.
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