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Dagestan eyes $500m+ agrotechnopark ADI-Agro

16 Sep '11
A unique large-scale project of agrotechnopark ADI-Agro with investment at the first stage of $85.5m has been launched in the Republic of Dagestan, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

Financial provision of the project, made possible by Spfrakht-Invest, the initiator and general investor of the project, is expected to ensure raising of at least $460m private investment.

The idea of construction of the largest agrotechnopark ADI-Agro in the region is to be realized under public-private partnership mechanism using the newest fifth-generation world technologies.

Under the project, the investor is to build facilities to produce and process high-class agricultural seeds, young breeder-feeder, ecologically clean animal-breeding products.

The ADI-Agro is to concentrate in itself large-, medium- and small-goods sectors. Large production is to be presented with a plant-growing agro-module with grain, potato and vegetable, grape and fruit complexes, turkey and egg factories, cow-breeding mega-farm, four milk complexes for 1,200 cows each, sheep complex for 10,000 sheep.

Uamkhan Umakhanov, the chairman of the board of Sofrakht-Invest, said, The mega-farms are to work on the technological chain: production of raw materials, storage, transportation, initial and deep processing, retail and wholesale trade. The plan also implies construction of a fodder plant, cheese factory, plant to produce Alps dairy products which are very healthy.

The project authors are especially proud of a bioplant to utilize industrial waste that will produce diesel fuel, methane for its own power station, technical carbon for the complexs needs.

The villagers with private households will be able to enjoy an agropark. The agropark is to supply to the farmers over 80,000 Italy-made mini-farms for breeding turkey, rabbits and broilers. The fodder and young feeder-breeders will also be available at the ADI-Agros stud farms. The villagers will also be able to receive necessary consulting advice at the agricultural park.
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