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Siberian ‘trap for germs’ seen as helper for cattle-breeders

25 Jun '14
Researchers in Novosibirsk, in Siberia, are said to have developed an alternative to synthetic antibiotics which could give a boost to cattle-breeding, the website of the Vesti TV channel reported.

At the heart of the new solution are the properties of nanostructured silver. The scientists believe the germs which are harmful to cattle should be ‘deceived’ rather than killed.

Years of research have shown that pathogenic microorganisms are better able to stick to the stomach walls than good ones. As a result, the latter are discarded from the body of an animal while the former remain. The chemists in Novosibirsk are reported to have developed a brand new class of antibacterial agents that are capable of ‘luring’ dangerous microorganisms, acting like a decoy.

Local business circles are said to have shown enough faith in the new project already and have plans for the construction of a special factory to manufacture the agents for cattle-breeding.
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