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Internet of Things coming to Russian farms?

14 Mar '17
The Russian government is likely to start encouraging the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the national agricultural sector, Kommersant reported.

A high-level interdepartmental public-private working group has drafted and presented to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich a roadmap that reportedly calls for the lowering of tax burdens for agribusinesses that initiate transition to IoT connected agricultural business, and stipulates measures to stimulate new communications line construction. The authors of the document hope that by 2019 about 30% of domestic agribusinesses will be using IoT solutions.

The draft roadmap has yet to get full approval by all the top Russian government officials involved, according to a source in the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The document requires that by 4Q 2017 measures be developed to simplify and encourage new communications line construction on agricultural lands. The stimulus package may also include subsidies on loans for agribusinesses that buy machinery and technical solutions with an eye to connecting hardware to IoT.

By 2019, Russia must have at least 20 fully launched pilot IoT connection projects in agriculture, a KPI the roadmap has reportedly drafted. That is expected to boost crop yield, cut production costs and help ensure a high quality of the agricultural produce. IoT applications in agriculture may be diverse and range from GPS/GLONASS satellite tracking for machinery to cattle and poultry monitoring, to automatic cow feeding control at dairy farms.

Today, Internet of Things development in Russian agriculture is critically impeded by the lack of broadband Internet access across many regions.
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