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Next gen solar panel production to be launched in mid-Volga

22 Sep '15
By mid-2016 a site in Novocheboksarsk, in the mid-Volga region of Chuvashia, is expected to start production of semiconductor heterostructures based solar panels, the Russian news agency TASS reported, citing Evgeny Terukov, the head of a semiconductor lab at the St. Petersburg-based Ioffe Institute and the deputy CEO of the Institutes Thin Film for Energy R&D Center.

The next generation of solar panels has been designed for use in the development of self-contained power supply systems with a capacity of 100kW up in some Siberian and Far Eastern regions away from electrical grids. The new panels may also be used to build 10MW+ solar power stations in the same regions plus the Caucasus and the Crimean Peninsula, Mr. Terukov explained.

It is Jores Alferov, a Russian physicist, that looked into the properties of semiconductor heterostructures back in the 1960s. It is for the discovery of the materials unique potential that he was awarded the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics.

The discovery by Mr. Alferov will lay the foundation for advanced R&D aimed at mass producing Russian solar panels. This has been made possible after China sent the global silicon market into a giant nosedive. The price of this most important component of semiconductor heterostructures has plummeted from $200 to $20, staying now next to the price of glass, TASS quoted Mr. Terukov as saying.

Mr. Alferov himself believes that by the middle of this century solar energy may retire the energy of hydrocarbon combustion and nuclear energy.
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