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Saransk eyes energy-efficient residential house

29 Jul '11
The first in the Republic of Mordovia energy-efficient residential house is to be built in the city of Saransk, NanoNewsNet reports.

Construction of the “smart house” as a pilot project is scheduled to start in September 2011. Timeframes for completion of the project have yet to be disclosed.

Construction of the eight-apartment four-section building using energy efficient technologies is to be carried out under the regional program to relocate citizenry from slum housing.

According to the Ministry of Housing Utilities and Civil Defense of Population of the Republic of Mordovia, the project cost is estimated at $690,000. The project is partly financed from the federal Support for Reforming Housing Utilities Fund.

Under plans, 26 citizens are to move in the energy-efficient building from slum houses in Saransk. The main energy-efficient building solutions include: energy of geothermal waters with installation of heat pump to be used for the building heating; solar collector on the building roof, directed at the Sun at the 45 degrees angle; windows with glass with thermal emission coating; and heat-insulated walls that significantly minimize heat losses. Besides that, the “smart house” is to have an energy saving ventilation recuperating system, and is to use lights from outdoor grid, automatic light switch off, the water expense is to be regulated with modern meters.

Currently the workers are carrying out pre-construction works including the project design. In the nearest future the tender is to be held to select the contractor.
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