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In Siberia, eco-friendly coal burning cuts costs and boosts efficiency

6 Nov '13
An automated eco-friendly and energy-efficient coal burning project, developed by EcoEnergia in Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk, has got to the top of the new Russian Startup Rating (RSR), the KRITBI innovation business incubator announced. EcoEnergia is a resident of this Krasnoyarsk-based incubator.

The project has been given a ranking of AA-90, which means “high probability of success.”

All projects, screened in accordance with a special RSR methodology, fell into three categories: new materials and equipment (High-Tech), biotechnology and medicine (BioMed), and IT, including Internet and mobile start-ups.

EcoEnergia ranked among the leaders in the High-Tech category. Its project aims to create an automated system that pre-treats and helps burn at thermal power stations the coals of the Kansk-Achinsk Coal Basin in Siberia.

According to Dr. Vitaly Dubrovsky, the CEO of EcoEnergia and a professor at Krasnoyarsk-based Siberian Federal University (SFU), the proprietary technology enables users to stop burning costly liquid fuels and start using low-grade coals. Another advantage is said to be a 75% reduction of nitrogen oxide content in thermal power stations’ furnace gas.

The technique is also believed to help considerably boost the capacity of boilers.

At the moment, the technology is being test-run on the boilers of Krasnoyarsk GRES-2, a thermal power station in Zelenogorsk some 150km east of Krasnoyarsk.

Russian Startup Rating (RSR) is a special project that collects data on Russian start-ups and evaluates their market potential. The project is a brainchild of Russian Venture Company (RVC), GreenfieldProject, and Digital October in Moscow.
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