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Rushydro to build tidal power stations in the Northern seas

5 Aug '11
National hydro power operator Rushydro intends to set up the Innovative Center of Tidal and Waves Energy (ICTWE) to carry out projects on construction of tidal power stations, news agency Cleandex reports.

Under the project, the center is to build the Northern tidal power station in Murmansk region and the Mezensky tidal power station in Arkhangelsk region.

The ICTWE is to be founded by Rushydro’s subsidiaries Leningrad GAES and Hydroinvest.

The charter capital of the ICTWE is to total $18,000, with 99% to be paid by the Leningrad GAES, and 1% to be put up by Hydroinvest. The new firm is to be registered in Murmansk.

Specifically, the ICTWE is to initiate the project to create the testing prototype energy facility – Northern Tidal Power Station – at the Barentsevo Sea’s Dolgaya Bay. The station is to use energy of sea tides and waves. The ICTWE is to carry out a number of scientific research and R&D projects in order to build tidal stations with power capacity of several GW.

The main goal of building the Northern station is to prepare scientific proof for construction of the ultra-powerful 8 GW Mezensky Tidal Power station at the White Sea with energy output of 38 billion kWh per year. The energy output of this station is to equal overall annual energy output of all the stations of the RusHydro’s Volga-Kama cascade.

The tidal power stations construction technologies and structures developer is Rushydro’s Scientific Research Institute of Energy Facilities. Total investment into construction of the Northern tidal power station is estimated at $765m. The R&D for the project is scheduled to be completed within four years.

Tidal power station is a special kind of hydro power station that uses the energy of tides or, in fact, the energy of Earth rotation kinetic energy. The tidal power stations are built at the sea shores where gravitation forces of the Moon and Sun alter the level of water twice a day.
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