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Rosatom to build mercury lamps utilization plants in Russia

30 Jun '11
State corporation Rosatom and national energy grid company Inter RAO UES intend to build three plants to utilize mercury-containing lamps in Russia, news agency RIA Novosti reports citing Sergey Kirienko, the head of Rosatom.

Under plans, the plants ore to be oriented on servicing as large territory as possible considering efficient transport haul distance. At least three plants are to be built under the project for servicing St. Petersburg, Moscow agglomeration and the Volga Federal District. Less populous districts might use package units for utilization of mercury-containing lamps.

Currently, the project in St. Petersburg is undergoing the procedure of the construction site approval. Construction of the two-hectare complex is scheduled to start in 2012. The complexs projected annual utilization capacity is estimated at five million lamps. The project cost is estimated at up to $10m.

According to Sergey Kirienko, the possibility of building a similar complex in the Moscow agglomeration is currently under consideration which might take a longer time.

Speaking of the utilization technology, Mr. Kirienko explained that lamps are being destroyed, mercury and other dangerous elements are separated from glass, and the cleansed glass is sent for processing. Metal is also separated, and mercury is sent for secondary use. The process in carried out without contact with atmosphere and there are no harmful discharges.

Speaking of tariffs on utilization, he added that the complex is to use current tariffs that wouldnt exceed market level.
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Locations: St. Petersburg

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