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RusHydro’s Amur hydro-power announced

29 May '09
Generating company RusHydro is expected to complete in 2010 the Bureiskaya hydroelectric power station in Amur Region and build two more, Nizhne-Bureiskaya and Nizhne-Zeiskaya, the RF government announced today.

The news came during the signing of an agreement between Russia’s largest energy-generating firm and Amur regional authorities in Moscow.

Total investment in the projects has yet to be unveiled.

The Bureiskaya hydropower hub on the River Bureya is designed to supply electrical power to consumers in Amur, Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions of Russia’s Far East, as well as Southern Yakutia. The two new station will also reportedly power Evreiskaya Autonomous Region.

RusHydro is the world’s second largest generating company with the installed capacity of 25GW and 15% of Russia’s energy market.
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