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Russia’s Far East to step up renewable energy

21 Nov '12
RAO ES East, one of Russia’s largest regional energy companies, has unveiled plans to launch next year in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) three solar stations with a total installed capacity of 80kW, Far Eastern portal Vostok Media reports.

Also, in 2013 the company wants to commission two wind-diesel complexes on the Kamchatka Peninsula with a total installed capacity of 825kW.

At the moment, RAO ES East runs in the Far East renewable energy facilities with an aggregate installed capacity of 300kW, with 40kW launched earlier this year.

By 2016, RAO ES East has plans to install more than 14,575kW of new wind-diesel generation capacity in Kamchatka and 825kW on Sakhalin Island. The Yakutia solar program calls for the commissioning of 3,590kW by 2020. The overall tab for these projects is expected to run up to $90+m.
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