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RAO ES Vostok to invest $923m in its energy facilities in 2011

16 Feb '11
Far East interregional electricity grid operator RAO ES Vostok has announced plans to invest a total of $923m in its energy facilities in 2011, up 8% on 2010.

The program is reportedly to be financed with the company’s own funds, loans, and federal funding.

Among the company’s investment projects are construction of the thermal power station in Soviet Haven in Khabarovsk region, power lines and substations along the Amur main, energy unit of Yuzhno-Sakhalin TPS-1, gas turbine unit TPS in Vladivostok, Blagoveschensk TPS, Yakutia GRES-2 and Sakhalin GRES-2 power stations, the firm said.
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