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Ultrafast charging cathode material for high rate batteries developed

5 Jun '19
A team of scientists based in the city and region of Moscow has come up with a new polymer cathode material for high rate metal-ion batteries. The material is said to beat the existing competition in many characteristics. The team has brought together researchers from the Center of Energy Science and Technology (Skoltech University), the Institute of the Problems of Chemical Physics headquartered in Chernogolovka outside Moscow, and Moscows Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology. The current research results have been published in English in Journal of Material Chemistry A.

Its inorganic-based lithium-ion that still dominates the global market for batteries. Improving the batteries further poses a serious problem, however, as they contain heavy elements that limit specific electrochemical capacity of the materials, thus impeding any real upgrade in performance characteristics.

The snag could be addressed by using organic compounds based on light elements as cathode material.

The research group led by Prof. Pavel Troshin of Skoltech is reported to have tapped into the useful properties of polyphenylamine family compounds, a fairly promising class of organic cathode materials for metal-ion batteries.

We were expected to model and study new macromolecules with potentially high specific energy capacity. The material we came up with has shown exceptional characteristics at up to 200C current densities; it takes just 18 seconds for a battery to fully charge and then discharge. Its important to note that in addition to lithium batteries we have developed promising sodium- and potassium-ion ones based on the same technology, said Filipp Obrezkov, a Skoltech postgraduate and one of the project authors.

As the story unfolds, the researchers are looking forward to creating the next generation of battery materials that would show an even higher capacity and increased charging speed. Such batteries would be most welcome in the global markets for portable devices and electric vehicles.
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