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FSK UES to build underground substation in Skolkovo

12 Aug '11
National grid operator FSK UES has started digging a foundation pit for construction of the underground substation 220 kV Skolkovo, energy news site EnergoNews reports.

This is the first underground substation of this voltage-class in Russia, the source said.

The work is carried out under the FSK UES investment program. Under the program, in 2010-2014 the company is to build or overhaul nine main electricity grid facilities to provide energy supply in Skolkovo innovation center. Total investment into the program is estimated at $540m.

Total area of the three-level underground substation is to be about 6,500 square meters. The foundation plate of the substation is to be located 12 meters deep under the ground surface.

The underground 220 kV Skolkovo substation, equipped with the newest, highly secure electric equipment, is to be a bright example of implementation of innovative technologies in the energy sector. The substation is to be equipped with a switchgear and control gear with SF-6 insulation on 220 kV voltage. The substation is also to have two SF-6 transformers with power capacity of 63 MVA, specially designed for working on the underground facilities. Such transformers have never been used in Russia before.

Construction of energy-supply facilities in the Skolkovo innovation center started in November 2010. Under plans, FSK UES is to transform seven 100-500 kV power lines into cable-aerial lines at the innovation center. Besides the 220 kV Skolkovo underground substation, the company is also to build another closed-type energy facility 220 kV Smirnovo substation with the same power capacity. Under the project, the substation is to be located in the underground part of one of the buildings of the Skolkovo innovation center.
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