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FSK UES and RAS to set up Scientific and Technical Council

9 Aug '11
National power grid operator FSK UES and the Russian Academy of Sciences have agreed to set up a Scientific and Technical Council (STC), innovation and venture news portal UNOVA reports citing the grid company.

Under plans, the Councilís operations are to support efficient innovative activity of the federal grid company.

The Council will be an advisory body, set up in order to increase efficiency of implementation of R&D into production activity of FSK UES.

One of the Councilís operations direction will be participation in forming concept of innovative and scientific-technical policy of the company. Among other functions of the STC is examination of efficiency of the undertaken fundamental scientific research on the issues, related to operations of FSK UES, as well as development of suggestions on using scientific-technical achievements and experience of other countries.

The Science and Technical Council is to consist of directors of FSK UES, System Operator of the United Energy System, Electrical Energy Science-Technical Center, leading scientists and specialists of the science-research and design organizations, as well as educational institutions.

The STC Chairman position has been assigned to Vladimir Fortov, member of the Department of Energy, Machine-Building, Mechanics and Management Processes of the RAS, the director of the United Institute of High Temperatures of the RAS.

FSK UES has been formed in accordance with the program for reforming electrical energy as a monopoly operator for managing the single national electrical grid. The companyís electrical energy facilities are located in 73 Russian regions.

The Russian Academy of Science is the state academy of sciences, the highest scientific organization in the Russian Federation, the leading center of fundamental research in the fiels of natural and social sciences in the country. The Russian Academy of Scienceís main goal is organization and undertaking of fundamental research, aimed at obtaining new knowledge on the laws of nature and human developments, and facilitating technological, economic, social and spiritual development of Russia.
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