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Aleksei Loukovenko

National Outsourcing Company Moscow, Board Member, CEO

Aleksei Lukovenko, MBA, Ph.D. is Partner and Executive Director at NOC Joint Stock Company and Member of the Board. He started his career with EuroRus International, one of the first consulting firms in Russia, and obtained his business experience working at different positions for big US-headquartered corporations, multinational banks, and Russian companies.
Prior to joining National Outsourcing Company/ BpoCom Group Aleksei spent three years working as Chief Investment Officer, and, later on, Director Deputy at ROEL Capital Group in Moscow, leading financial and industrial group, being responsible for sell-side transactions management, core private equity and venture capital activities, strategy and business development.
Two years later, in a capacity of Deputy Director at ROEL Capital, Aleksey oversaw a task-force team worked on establishment on Credit Investment Fund/Unit Investment Trust, as well as headed Corporate Finance, M&A Transactions, and related financial advisory services.
Prior to ROEL Capital Aleksey worked in an investment role with MICEX Stock Exchange. As a full time advisor to CEO he headed relationship management, global financial communications, and shareholders communications, issuers relations. Aleksey also co-founded a consulting and financial advisory firm Pro-Business Consulting. As Managing Partner he was responsible for a number of M&A transactions completed, established dusiness development, sales and marketing communications functions.
Earlier, being involved in the project run by Delloite&Tousche he was invited to head the project implementation team in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Before that, as a regional project manager with the multimillion US-headquartered project consortium he was responsible for Financial Advisory and Management Consulting services, Business Outsourcing, in fifteen regions of Russia. Before coming back to Moscow, he spent several years with leading investment banking groups in Munich and London including Bavarian Mortgages and Exchange Bank, currently HVB-UniCredit Group. He also served as advisor to RuhrGas AG, OMV Group, SWP and participated in a number of buy-side acquisitions, in particular, of London-based investment bank. Aleksey started his career in investment industry fifteen years ago.
He got his US Ph.D. in Economics in 1998 and is certified expert in Banking and Business Systems.
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