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Gregg Robins

Managing Director Head of Wealth Management in Russia UBS SA

Dr. Robins has written and presented extensively on the financial services industry. The author of Banking in Transition: East Germany After Unification (Macmillan Press: 2000), he has also published various articles in Worth Magazine, The Investors Chronicle, The Global Wealth Management Forecast, Private Wealth Management, and others. Appearances in the international press and media include features on CNN, CNBC, and the BBC World Service, and participation in and chairing of industry conferences. He has served as an advisor to various corporations and governmental bodies.
His global experience and appreciation of diverse cultures is accompanied by language proficiency in Russian, Spanish, French and German. Dr. Robins holds a doctorate in Management from the University of Oxford (UK), and a Master of Philosophy Degree also from Oxford in Russian and East European Studies, during which time he was a Marshall Scholar.
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