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8 Jun '15
8 Jun '15
A new laboratory has opened in Russia in an effort by...
5 Jun '15
The Skolkovo Foundation and Finland’s Turku Science...
5 Jun '15
4 Jun '15
TechChem-Prom, a Russian hi-tech firm, and France’s...
4 Jun '15
A new factory called “Alabuga Fiber” opened in May in...
3 Jun '15
Scientists representing leading Russian universities...
2 Jun '15
Students at Tomsk Polytechnic are said to have...
2 Jun '15
Russia will have its own robots driven by advanced...

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25 Jan '17
ScreenCardio-NN, an innovative company based in...
7 Dec '16
In spite of all current problems and adverse external...
2 Nov '16
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Report: Russian universities should modernize to compete globally
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22 Feb '17
Optic Fiber Systems, a Russian company, is ready to...
21 Feb '17
Russia’s leading universities may expect to receive...
20 Feb '17
A material almost identical to the human skin has...

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